Aphelandra squarrosa - Zebra Plant - 4"

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It's quite clear where this stripey little plant gets it's nick name "Zebra Plant" It's bright white stripes against dark green foliage make them stand out in the crowd.

Slightly more needy than your typical houseplant, we'd call this one a perfect intermediate plant option. If you're up for the challenge this beauty will reward you in summer or early fall with its signature beautiful yellow flowers.

LIGHT: Zebra plants thrive in bright indirect light. Direct sunlight should be avoided as it can scorch the leaves.

WATER: Consistent watering is what this plant prefers, which can be tricky as it also does not like to have soggy roots, over-watering will cause the leaves to wilt. Water with room temp water and allow it to thoroughly drain after watering.

HUMIDITY: The Zebra also appreciates a little extra humidity, if your space is at all dry a humidifier is a good recommendation to keep the humidity around 60%

*Aphelandra squarrosa is non-toxic to children and pets

(Note:  photo of flowering plant for reference only - our plants are not currently in flower)