Hoya publicalyx

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A Hoya can never disappoint. We are in love with every cultivar of these stunning plants. The publicalyx has long narrow leaves, each one splashed with white variegation giving it a subtle speckled look. These of course produce the epic blooms we love to see on our Hoyas. Their pink and white bunches of fragrant wax flowers may be our favorite part of having Hoya's in our home! These are quite easy to care for if you have enough light in your space. They don't require much attention. Great for a beginner or for someone with a busy schedule. 

X-Large option has several feet of trail

Light: Bright indirect light will keep your Hoya the happiest. These are not low light tolerant plants and will suffer if left in a dark corner. If given the right light conditions you may see it sprout beautiful fragrant flowers during their brief blooming season. 

Water: Let your Hoya dry out between watering. Give it a good deep watering but avoid over watering your Hoya, they do not like to have consistently wet soil. 

Humidity: Although most Hoya will tolerate normal household environments. Hoya will grow faster and be happier in about 60% humidity. 

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