Shipping FAQs and Policy

A few words from us about shipping charges and product pricing

Shipping charges

None of us like to pay for shipping charges when buying products online – including all of us here. At the Plant Sourcery, we felt it was important to price our plants and products fairly for you – by avoiding building shipping charges into those prices. This lets us maintain great product pricing for you the customer, But in return, we ask that you bear the cost of the delivery charges for your order. The delivery charges will vary based on your location and the choice of delivery service that you choose at checkout.

What we do 

    • we pass our discounted commercial shipping rates with the carriers directly on to you.  No markups.  No profit.  None.
    • in the case of multiple-item purchases, we have integrated software applications that make use of an algorithm so we optimize and reduce the overall package/container size needed for your order. The resulting ‘optimized’ packaging will result in lower shipping charges (overall package size + weight + service type = your shipping charges) – which are reflected in your reduced shipping charges shown in the checkout process – and this helps to keep shipping charges to a minimum for you.
    • we offer FREE shipping to you for your order at a predetermined cart dollar amount at time of checkout. The cart checkout amount needed to receive free shipping for your order varies and depends on your geographic location and the distance from our shipping location. While you are in the cart checkout process – you will be advised what the remaining dollar amount is so that you can receive free shipping on your order. Add that remaining amount to your cart to receive FREE shipping.   
    • we make use of 100% recyclable, biodegradable, packaging materials and shipping containers for delivering your new plant and accessories to you. We work with and support suppliers who are also committed to the concept and practices around expanding sustainability in their industries. Here in our own operation, we make every effort to avoid use of any non-recyclable materials. We fully embrace any practices that foster the growth of sustainable industries and processes and which help our precious planet.
"Imagine a day when all goods are endlessly recycled or reused". 


Shipping FAQs

What type of plants do you ship?

We ship all plants on our website that you purchase. We very carefully inspect and package all plants and accessories so that any plants we ship to you arrive in excellent condition when delivered and are ready to thrive in your home or location.

Do my plants ship to me potted already? 

Yes – every plant sold to you is shipped in a ‘nursery’ pot as is indicated in the description of the plant on our website. All plants we ship are carefully inspected and packed in appropriately sized packaging so as to avoid any damage to them or the loss of any soil from the plant’s pot.

Where do you ship and what service do you use?

We currently ship to the continental U.S. as well as Alaska and Hawaii. We do not ship to Canada nor any other countries currently. We are partnered with USPS for all shipments of orders to our customers.

What if my order arrives damaged?

We take great care in growing, packaging, and shipping your new plants so they’re ready to thrive in your home when they arrive. This includes keeping them safe while they travel from the greenhouse to your doorstep.
All plants and accessories are individually inspected prior to packaging them to ensure they are healthy and not damaged. Plants are carefully cleaned as well prior to shipment to you. We recognize that there can be exceptions nonetheless. In that case, please see our Return Policy if for any reason you do receive plants or accessories that appear damaged prior to shipment and follow these steps: 
    • Contact us by email at:
    • Provide us with pictures of the damage, your PS order number, and a brief description for us so we can try to help you resolve any issues
    • We also ask that you alert us of any damages to your plants within 24 hours of receiving your order.

What days do you deliver?

All PS orders are prepared for shipment and are picked up at our location by the carrier for shipment to you on Monday and Thursdays each week - barring holidays. Shipments take place as follows:
  • any orders received from you past 3pm Sunday through 3pm Wed will ship on the following Thursday afternoon;
  • any orders received from you past 3pm Wed through 3pm Sun, will ship to you on following Monday afternoon;
  • All times indicated are Pacific timezone times and there are no exceptions to these time frames.
Of course, if you join us at any of our local area popups, market events, etc – you can purchase plants and accessories from us directly and take them right home with you – no shipping and no shipping charges required!

What shipment notifications will I receive?

You will receive an email shortly after your order is placed outlining what you ordered, the charges paid, etc. Then, at the time we package and ship your order to you – you’ll receive a second email confirming shipment has been made – this will include the carrier's tracking number for your order’s shipment.
Be sure to provide us with any related information in the comments/notes field in the checkout cart on the checkout page that may be required for delivery by the carrier (ie: community gate access codes, etc).