Aglaonema - Pink Siam

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The Pink Siam is a gorgeous tropical Aglaonema that is guaranteed to warm up any space its put in. Its large pointed leaves are variegated with green and bright red a top a light red/pink stem. This plant is pretty spectacular to look at, and what's best is how easy it is to care for. Aglaonema are known for being low light tolerant so they are perfect for that lower light space you've been needing to fill! 

Light: Aglaonema are fairly low light tolerant. But if you want to keep the variegation vibrant, bright indirect sunlight will be best. Avoid direct sunlight, these leaves burn quite easily. Remember, low light does not mean no light. 

Water: Allow the top couple of inches of soil dry out between watering, but do not dry out completely. Give your Aglaonema a good deep watering but to avoid root rot make sure soil is never soggy or allow your plant to sit in water.

Humidity: Although adding humidity to your space is not necessary for an Aglaonema, they would sure be happier if you did. Watch out for brown crunchy leaves, this is an indication there is not enough humidity in your space.

Note: Aglaonema is toxic if ingested and should be kept away from children and pets.