Alocasia reginula (Alocasia 'Black Velvet')

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This dark beauty is simply magical royalty. The ‘Black Velvet’ name which of course sounds  luxuriously magical, together with the botanical name Alocasia reginula which literally means the “little queen” are the perfect description for the gorgeous foliage of this compact plant. Considered one of the jewel Alocasia it will grow to about 18" high and wide. Its leaves are a stiff texture with an almost black velvety finish and can reach about 6" in length. With the silvery-white veins and soft Burgundy under leaves the Black Velvet Alocasia will stand out to make the perfect statement piece for any plant shelf. 

Light: Bright indirect light replicated the Alocasia reginulas natural environment best however with its dark leaves it can tolerate a lower medium light space.

Water: Watering is a crucial step to get right with this beauty, keeping the soil consistently moist without allowing it to be soggy. Avoid this with well draining soil and allowing the top few inches to dry between watering.

Humidity: Native to the jungles of Southeast Asia, Black Velvet Alocasia love humidity. They prefer levels of 60-70% so you'll want to keep it in a humid spot in your home or add a humidifier. This is also a great plant for a terrarium.