Alocasia longiloba - Dragons Tooth Alocasia

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Rare and unique Dragons Tooth really stands out from the crowd with its white margins and veins against the dark green & glossy leaves. So striking in person, with its tropical vibe the Dragons Tooth is sure to turn heads. Caring for your longiloba is much like other Alocasia care but it does appreciate a little extra humidity.

LIGHT: Your Dragons Tooth is happy in medium to bright indirect light, a brighter spot will produce faster growth. Avoid direct sun rays which can scorch the leaves.

WATER: Alocasia do not like to dry out completely and the longiloba is no exception. Allow the first 1-2 inches of soil to dry before watering and be sure to allow it to drain completely through the pots drainage holes, this beauty will not like to site in standing water, a fast draining, coarse soil will help with this.

HUMIDITY: While they will adapt to typical home environments, as mentioned above longiloba do love humidity, if your space is on the dryer side consider a room humidifier or a pebble tray.


* ships in a 6" nursery pot * feel free to ask for photos of your exact plant:)