Alocasia baginda (Alocasia Silver Dragon)

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Silver Dragon, the nick name for this beautiful variety of Alocasia alludes to the exotic vibes it brings to your collection. Relatively uncommon, this plant will stand out in your space with its shimmering layer of silver atop it's thick green leaves.

While this Variety can grow up to 2 feet it generally stays smaller indoors, making it the perfect plant for small spaces, atop a coffee table or desk or it will beautifully compliment an already growing collection.

Unique doesn't always mean difficult, this Dragon is more tolerant to lower humidity levels than some other Alocasia and its thick leaves help it stand up to the occasional missed watering.

LIGHT: While tolerant to lower light, this Silver Dragon will grow best in medium to bring indirect light. Be careful not to expose these lush leave to any harsh direct sunlight which can scorch it.

WATER: Water when the two 2" of soil feel dry to the touch. Your Alocasia baginda can manage the occasional drying out but not for long periods or too often. It generally prefers to stay moderately moist. Avoid over watering and be sure to allow any excess water to drain completely, soggy soil will quickly lead to root rot.

HUMIDITY: While your Silver Dragon is tolerant of typical household humidity it does appreciate a little extra. Place it in a room with higher humidity or give it a pebble tray to keep it happy happy.