Begonia Rex

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Begonias aren't just for your grandma’s garden anymore! The stunning foliage on these plants is unparalleled. Many are variegated in shades of green, red, pink, purple, silver, and brown. The leaves grow on leaf stalks from underground rhizomes, which are propagated easily. We love the texture and pop of color Begonias add to your space, get one in every color.

 Light: Begonia Rex enjoys bright indirect light. These plants can tolerate direct sunlight for a short amount of time but do not leave them in direct sunlight all day. Giving your Begonia some direct sunlight can encourage flowering.   

 Water: Begonia Rex like to have their soil slightly moist. Do not let this plant dry out completely between watering. They can be sensitive to overwatering so be conscious not to water too frequently or keep soil too wet and soggy. 

 Humidity: Begonias like a fairly humid environment. Between 40-60% is ideal, but they aren’t too fussy and will likely do well in an average household environment. Using a pebble tray, grouping your plants together or using a humidifier can all increase the levels of moisture in your space if you live in an arid climate. 

 Ships in a nursery pot