Nephrolepis exaltata Compacta (Boston Fern)

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This lush evergreen fern is an eye catcher. Its large bushy fronds cascade down to make a beautiful hanging basket. Not only is this plant aesthetically one of our favorites, it is an excellent air purifier. The Boston Fern was one of the plants studied by NASA for the removal of harmful toxins in the air we breathe in our homes and work spaces. Boston Ferns can be a bit finicky and require a bit more attention than some other lower maintenance plants. Once you get the hang of caring for your Boston Fern, keeping them happy and healthy is a breeze! 

 Light: Boston Ferns like medium to bright indirect dappled light. These ferns cannot tolerate direct sunlight and the fronds burn easily. If you notice yellowing over your entire plant this may indicate your fern is getting too much light, leaf drop may indicate not enough. 

 Water: Boston Ferns require consistently moist soil. Do not skip watering this plant, it will suffer. Water when the top inch of the soil feels dry. You may notice browning or dry edges, this may indicate the fern is not getting enough water. 

 Humidity: Ferns love humidity. Using a pebble tray, grouping your plants together or using a humidifier in your space is recommended. Dry crispy leaves can be a sign that your Boston Fern needs some added moisture to their environment.

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