Calathea Orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia has a subtle beauty that is highly sought after. The exquisite large, round leaves are delicately striped with pale silver-green markings,  the undersides of the leaf are a pale silver-green. The Calathea orbifolia will add dramatic interest to your houseplant collection and is very much on trend. 

Being a Calathea, of course, means it has a few specific needs and leans more toward being an intermediate care plant.

Light: lots of medium to bright indirect light is best, avoid any direct sunlight on those delicate leaves as this will cause the color and markings to fade.

Water:  The Orbifolia likes to stay moist but avoid letting its roots sit in water or soggy soil as it can  lead to root rot. Under watering will result in crispy brown edges on your plants leaves.

Humidity: Humidity is a must with most Calathea and Orbifolia is no exception to this rule. Keep it in a bathroom or kitchen or add humidity to your space with a pebble tray or a humidifier. Low humidity is another reason you may find brown edges on your leaves.

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