Dieffenbachia Camouflage

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Dieffenbachia Camouflage is an eye-catching plant with uniquely patterned foliage on large, lush leaves. Relatively easy care and pest resistant makes it a perfect newbie plant while its showy leaves will surely turn heads!  Like all dieffenbachias the 'Camouflage' will grow quickly in bright indirect light and makes a great visual statement in any space.

Light: These beauties do well in low light spaces but will grow more quickly and have more variegation with bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Water:  Allow soil to become almost dry between watering but try to avoid soil becoming completely dry. Give Dieffenbachia a good deep watering, but make sure the plant does not sit in water.  

Humidity: Dieffenbachia are tropical plants therefore they love humidity. If humidity levels are below 60% use a pebble tray or humidifier to bump up the moisture in your space.

NOTE: Dieffenbachia are toxic to humans and pets. If chewed they can cause numbing and swelling of the mouth and throat. Keep away from pets and children.

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