Ficus altissima (Yellow Gem) Asian council tree

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Grown outdoors in warmer climates, this stunning, easy care relative of the fiddle leaf fig makes a beautiful and lush houseplant where temps dip lower. Similar to the leaves of a rubber plant (another member of the ficus family) the Yellow Gem gets it name from the pretty lemon lime variegation on it's dark green leaves. They will happily grow into a tree indoors in a pot and they are excellent air purifiers for your home. We think Ficus altissima will make a beautiful statement in a central spot of your home or fill a bare corner with its uniquely colored foliage! Not as picky as as the FLF it will make even a new plant parent into a confident green thumb!

Light: As with most Ficus the Yellow Gem will do best in bright indirect light. Low light will cause it's coloring to dull.

Water: Water when the first two inches of soil are dry. Stick your finger in the soil and if it comes out dry with just a little dirt it's time to water. Water thoroughly until water runs out the drainage wholes and be sure to empty the excess water from the tray. Be careful not to over-water which will cause yellowing leaves.

Humidity: Your council tree loves a little extra humidity. Keeping it close by other humidity loving plants will keep it happy or consider a humidifier or pebble tray if your space tends to be on the dry side.

 *Ships in a 6" nursery pot