Ficus elastica Burgundy (Burgundy Rubber Plant)

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We just love the minimal elegance of a Ficus elastica Burgundy'. Its leaves have a waxy sheen and emerge crimson before fading to a shade of green so deep that appears nearly black. With proper care the Burgundy Rubber Plant will double its size in a year and can grow up to 8' tall indoors. It makes a beautiful modern statement plant. Native to South Asia, Ficus elastica is a member of the fig genus. Fun fact: Its milky sap was originally used to make a type of latex, which is why this plant is often called the 'Rubber Tree Plant". Super easy care makes this plant perfect for beginner plant parents. 

Light: The Ficus elastic can tolerate low light but it's leaves will become a lighter shade of green in these conditions. Bright indirect light will promote growth and keep the leaves the dark burgundy color. They can tolerate direct sunlight up to a couple of hours a day.

Water: Prone to being over watered, be sure to let your baby rubber dry completely (at least the first 3-4 inches of soil should feel dry) between watering. 

Humidity: The Ficus elastica does not require additional humidity.

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