Fiddle Leaf Fig "Little Sunshine" (Ficus lyrata 'bambino')

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A more compact version of the traditional FLF we know and love! Little Sunshine will grow 3-5' tall, the same violin shaped leaves are  brighter colored with light yellow veins. So if you love the look of a FLF but don’t have the space for a large plant, or need to fill a smaller space, this may be a great option for you.

Light: FLF love bright indirect light. Keep it bright, these are not low light tolerant plants. We recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight to avoid any leaves getting scorched. Make sure to dust your leaves regularly. Dust and dirt block your plant from being able to photosynthesize light properly. Keep the leaves clean to keep your plant happy!

Water: Water your Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig when the first couple of inches of the soil feel dry. Give them a good deep watering. Make sure your plant is potted in a container with drainage or removed from its cover pot and drained completely before replacing. Avoid over saturating the soil, and never leave plants sitting in water.

Humidity: All Fiddle Leaf Fig plants - big and small - love humidity. If you live in an arid environment, we recommend using a pebble tray , use plant grouping arrangements, or use of a humidifier to add moisture to your space. 

sold and ships in a nursery pot *