Green Dragon Scale (Alocasia Dragon Scale) 4"

Green Dragon Scale (Alocasia Dragon Scale) 4"

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This Alocasia with it's deeply textured leaves and scale like markings is aptly named Green Dragon Scale. The green and thick leaves definitely have a tropical and somewhat mystical vibe. These Green Dragon Scale can be hard to source so we keep an eye open for them when ever they become available. A member of the Jewel Alocasia group, they tend to stay on the smaller side. The gorgeously textured leaves are light green on the underside with dark green veining. This is a perfect option to add something unique to your collection that is not exceptionally hard to keep!

LIGHT: While tolerant to lower light, this Dragon pop Scale will grow best in medium to bring indirect light. Be careful not to expose these lush leave to any harsh direct sunlight which can scorch it.

WATER: Water when the two 2" of soil feel dry to the touch. Alocasia generally prefer to stay moderately moist. Well draining and aerated soil is best, avoid over watering and be sure to allow any excess water to drain completely, soggy soil will quickly lead to root rot.

HUMIDITY: While your Green Dragon Scale is tolerant of typical household humidity it does appreciate a little extra. Place it in a room with higher humidity, give it a pebble tray or add a humidifier to keep it happy happy.

* toxic to pets and children 

sold and ships in a nursery pot *