Maranta leuconeura - Prayer Plant

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The Prayer Plants gets their name from the fact that the leaves move 'up and down' over the course of a day as the light changes in your space. They are generally flat during the day and then stand more upright in the evening - seeming very much as though they are 'praying'. The Maranta leuconeura is commonly recognized for its very unique leaf design. Prayer Plants tend to need a bit more 'TLC' than many of our other easy-care plants in our collection, but we promise that they are well worth it!

Light: Maranta leuconeura are relatively low light tolerant but will thrive in medium indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, leaves burn quite easily.

Water: Water when the first inch or two of the soil is dry. Do not allow your Prayer plant to dry out completely between watering, but also be cautious not to over water causing the plant to sit in water or the soil to become soggy. We recommend using filtered water or rain water, as the chemicals and minerals often present in tap water can cause browning on the edges of the leaves.

Humidity: More is more. Prayer Plants love humidity. If you live in an arid climate, you will notice browning on the edges of the leaves fairly quickly. We recommend using a humidifier or pebble tray to add moisture to the air. Grouping plants together can also increase humidity. Plants release water vapor through their leaves into the immediate vicinity of the plant. Placing them close to one another can increase the humidity and help your plants thrive.

Prayer Plants are listed as non-toxic on numerous state publications and makes an excellent addition to a home with little ones and four-footed friends.

*ships in a nursery pot*