Hoya australis 'Lisa' - 6"

Hoya australis 'Lisa' - 6"

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Hoya australis may be referred to as a "common wax plant" but we don't think there's anything common about it. With shiny succulent like  leaves and a vining habit Hoya australis (not surprisingly) is a native of Australia. It’s beautiful sweet fragranced flower is a natural butterfly attractant. As easy care as they get, this plant practically thrives on neglect. Considered one of the top air purifiers this beauty is a win-win for new plant parents and collectors alike.

Light: The Hoya australis loves bright indirect light, it can also tolerate direct early morning or late afternoon sunlight. Direct sun mid-day may cause sunburned leaves. This is not a low light tolerant plant.

Water: Wax plant has medium to low water requirements as its succulent leaves will store water. On average water every 10 days allowing the first 50% of the soil to dry out. 

Humidity: Hoya love humidity so the more you can provide the happier it will be. That being said, these plants are grown in varying climates and can thrive in lower humidity levels (40%-60%) if you live in an arid area consider a humidifier or a pebble tray.

Ships in a 6" nursery pot