Hoya Kerrii - Green

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This sweetheart plant is just the cutest. Just one little heart shaped leaf that looks and acts much like a succulent but is actually a Hoya. It has a thick leathery leaf that holds moisture so it does not require watering often. These plants will stay as is and not form into a larger plant. They make cute gifts for a loved one and look adorable sitting on a shelf or desk. 

Light: Bright indirect light is best. Hoya Kerrii can also tolerate direct sunlight. The coloring of your plant may get a bit more yellow when getting too much light. 

Water: Water your Hoya Kerrii when it is completely dry. This plant is quite forgiving when it comes to skipping a watering or two. 

Humidity: No need for added humidity for the Hoya Kerrii. 

sold and ships in a nursery pot *