Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum pedatum)

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The Maidenhair Fern adds a light and airy texture to any space. The lacey leaves look intricate and fragile, but this is considered to be a hardy fern. The black wiry stems sprouting from the soil are one of our favorite details about this plant. Ferns are known to be particular about their growing conditions and enjoy a lot of moisture, especially in arid climates. The Maidenhair is stunning in a hanging basket, styled on its own, or grouped together with other plants to add a unique texture.    

Light: Keep ferns out of direct sunlight. These plants grow on the forest ground so they enjoy filtered light and will burn easily. They are low light tolerant, but low light does not mean no light. Medium indirect sunlight is ideal for these plants. 

Water: Ferns like to have consistently moist soil. Do not skip watering your fern. If left dry for too long your fern will drop leaves quickly. Do not overwater making the soil saturated or leave the plant sitting in water. 

Humidity: Ferns love a humid climate. We recommend a humidifier to keep enough moisture in your air for a fern to thrive. If a humidifier is not possible, using a pebble tray is advised. Your fern will likely begin to drop leaves and have brown crunchy leaves if you do not have enough humidity in your space.  

*sold in a nursery pot*