Monstera adansonii (Swiss Cheese Vine)

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These plants are most loved for its unique appearance, the adansonii will lend a touch of South America to your space. The leaf fenestrations (holes) in the leathery textured leaves are what lend to the nick-name Swiss cheese plant. The leaves are more delicate than the Monstera deliciosa that we all know and love and the adansonii‘s smaller leaves love to climb or trail. These easy-care beauties are perfect for a hanging pot or just give it a moss pole or a trellis to climb.


Light: Adansonii are native to the jungles in South and Central America so no direct light on these delicate beauties. Bright in-direct light is perfect, a few feet away from an East or West facing window is perfect for optimum growth.

Water: While they like to stay moist, adansonii are susceptible to over-watering, they don’t like soggy soil. Water only when the first 1” or 2” of soil dry out.  

Humidity: Giving your adansonii some extra humidity is ideal – 60% humidity is what they prefer so consider a humidifier for your space if you live in a dry climate.


* Caution:  these plants are toxic to pets and children *

* ships in a nursery pot *