Neem Oil (Ready to use)

Neem Oil (Ready to use)

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Organic cold pressed neem oil. Premixed and ready to use on your plants for preventing and combating pests on your house plants.

Derived from neem tree seeds, neem oil is a clear yellow color, bitter tasting and smells of sulfur and garlic and for many houseplant enthusiasts, including us, a reliable go-to for pest control. Especially helpful in managing mealybugs, thrips, scale, aphids and it can also be great for preventing fungal diseases like powdery mildew.

For combating existing pests spray liberally onto foliage and stems of your plant. repeat weekly until no more pests are present.

As a preventative maintenance use bimonthly as a leaf clean to remove dust and repel any pests that may be thinking of infesting your plant.

Do not put your plant in any direct sun immediately after spraying with neem, it is an oil and could case leaf burn.

*please note, there are certain plants that may be sensitive to neem oil on their leaves. If in doubt spray just 1-2 leaves first, wait 24 hours before proceeding with spraying the entire plant avoiding any direct light until the plant is dry. 


16oz spray bottle