Plant Magic- Organic Plant Food

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We strive to keep things as nature intended which is why we choose to fertilize our house plants with all natural options. Liquid fertilizers are a great option as well and we've used many in the past; always mix liquid fertilizers at half of the recommended strength to protect the roots of your plant from burning.

In the case of this mixture no extra care is necessary as there is virtually no chance of cause root damage. This mix of worm castings, rock dust and sea kelp is something we use in bulk to feed our large assortment of plants. It can be mixed directly into the soil when re-potting to give your plants a boost as well as used as a top dressing for your currently potted plants.

Worm Castings: yup, that's right, worm poop... don't worry there is no smell, but this is considered to be nature's most potent fertilizer. Worm castings have a combination of helpful enzymes, Humic acid, mucus and positive bacterial activity which help stimulate healthy growth for plants. Added to that are nutrients plants need to survive like magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus and nitrates. These are all water soluble in the worm castings and easy for your plants roots to absorb.

Rock Dust: adding volcanic rock dust provides plants with essential trace minerals they need to stay strong, healthy and resistant to disease. Mixing a small amount of rock dust with nutrient rich worm castings creates a slightly acidic environment helps to break down the dust into bits small enough to be carried by water to your plants.

Mycorrhizal Fungi: Most Potent, Professional Grade Living Soil Builder Loaded with a Concentrated, Granular Blend of Mycorrhizal Fungi, Beneficials, Trichoderma, Humic Acid, Sea Kelp, and Yucca Plant Extracts. Promotes Rapid Rooting and Root Growth, Plant Growth, Soil Health, Nutrient Use Efficiency, Water Absorption, Flowering, Production, and Yield.

This 16oz premixed bag of plant food is easy to use and can be applied every 3-4 weeks during the growing season to keep your house plants happy and healthy all year long.