Peperomia Silver Frost

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Peperomia Frost is the beautiful member of the Peperomia family with its amazing silver foliage. It’s cute, stylish and fits almost anywhere. Being a slow growing plant that doesn’t reach enormous sizes, you can pop your Peperomia pretty much anywhere as long as it has access to bright indirect light and it’s kept away from a cold draft.

Light: Peperomia will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. It will tolerate lower light spaces, but the growth rate will be reduced drastically. This plant does not tolerate direct sunlight well and leaves will become scotched if left in full sun for too long.

Water: The Frost needs watering when the first inch or two of the soil feels dry. Give this plant a good deep watering but avoid soggy or over saturated soil. Peperomia do not do well if watering is skipped too often, keep it consistent.

 Humidity: Although adding humidity to your space is not necessary for a Peperomia, they would sure be happier if you did.

*  sold and ships in a nursery pot *