Philodendron hastatum “Silver Sword”

Philodendron hastatum “Silver Sword”

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Silver Sword Philodendron is just that; silvery, narrow sword-like leaves grow up right and love to climb on a moss pole. The color is the most unique part of this plant. The easy Maintenance makes it that much better!  

Light: Bright indirect light is best for the Silver Sword Philodendron. To keep the variegation looking great this plant needs to receive enough light.  

Water: As most Philodendron, let these dry out almost completely between watering. They do not like to sit in soggy soil and do not allow your plant to sit in water. Although over watering is the main concern here, do not leave soil completely dry for long periods of time, this will harm your plant as well. 

Humidity: Philodendron do not tend to be picky about humidity, but they are tropical plants and will thrive best in higher humidity conditions. 

These Plants are considered toxic to children and animals.