Philodendron Micans

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The Philodendron Micans has the typical heart shaped leaves that we often see in a trailing Philodendron, but it is the striking color and texture that sets this plant apart from the rest. The Micans have a velvet texture that gives it an iridescent glow. The leaves begin as a bronze chartreuse color edged with pink. As they mature the color can change to a dark green or a rich purple depending on the light. These easy care Philodendrons tend to be smaller than some other Philodendron climbers, with their leaves getting to be about 3" in width. They are highly sought after, get yours while they are still in stock!   

Philodendron Micans are so versatile and can be displayed in a number of different ways in your home. Vines love to climb, and generally in their natural habitat would climb up the trunks of trees. You can use a moss pole or trellis for your vine to climb if you prefer a more vertical aesthetic. Micans will grow larger leaves if given something to climb. You can also pot it in a hanging basket and allow it to trail, or simply set it on a shelf and let it do its thing! 

Light: Bright indirect light will keep your Philodendron the happiest. These plants can be lower light tolerant but may result in less variegation on the leaves. 

Water: Philodendron like the soil to almost dry between watering. Try to avoid soil from completely drying, this plant will let you know when it is thirsty by getting wilted leaves, after a good deep watering you will see it perk up again.

Humidity: Although adding humidity to your space is not necessary for a Philodendron, they would sure be happier if you did. 

NOTE: Philodendron Micans is toxic and should be kept away from children and pets.

* ships in a nursery pot *