Philodendron Prince of Orange

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If you love a colorful plant you can't help but swoon over the The Prince of Orange ! This easy care plant is a hybrid of of the "self heading" Philodendron, meaning it is not a vining plant.

This Philodendron gets its princely name from the uniquely color foliage. New leaves emerge a vibrant yellow then slowly transition into beautifully bright orange and copper tones before ultimately or settling in to be a lovely shade of green.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light is preferable for the Red Emerald, avoiding direct sun as it will burn the leaves. Brighter indirect light will help your plant grow more quickly.

Water: while the Philodendron doesn't like to completely dry out, be sure to let approx. 50% of the potting soil dry out in between watering as over-watering is one of the biggest risks for this plant. Well draining soil and a pot with drainage holes is a must.

Humidity: Philodendrons typically love higher humidity and the Prince of Orange is no exception. Use a pebble tray or a humidifier if your space tends to be dry or group your Philodendrons together to create a suitable micro climate.


* All parts of the Philodendron are toxic to pets and children. Exercise caution.

 * sold and ships in a nursery pot *