Philodendron Moonshine

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Moonshine is a hybrid Philodendron, grown for it's bright beautiful colors and easy care as a houseplant. We love how it lights up a room with its chartreuse new leaves against the darker but almost neon older foliage. 

The moonshine is a fast growing and indoors will top out around 2.5-3 feet tall making it a perfect table-top plant or in a small hanging basket.

Light: While not tolerant of direct sunlight, the moonlight does thrive in bright indirect light.

Water: Philodendron prefer a regular watering schedule in general, the moonlight will withstand the occasional missed watering and would prefer that to being over-watered.

Humidity: Generally speaking Philodendron prefer a little extra humidity although the Moonlight can live happily in normal household humidity less than 50% is not recommended.

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