Pilea Peperomiodes (Chinese Money Plant)

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This is a Pilea of many common names: Friendship Plant, Pancake Plant, Coin Plant, UFO Plant… we could go on and on. We like to call it the gift that keeps on giving!      

The Pilea Peperomioides has the cutest and quite uncommon foliage. This plant sprouts many thin stems topped with a coin shaped leaf. Chinese Money Plants are easy to grow and great for beginners, but our favorite thing about these plants is the little Pilea babies! Pilea Peperomioides multiply quickly and form little pups that pop out of the soil. You can keep them in with your plant to fill it out a bit or take them out and give them to a friend, rest assured you will have more in no time. Hence the name 'The Gift That Keeps on Giving'!

Light: Keep your Pilea in medium to bright indirect light. This is not a low light tolerant plant, so make sure you have decent light in your space before bringing this one home.  This Pilea will grow towards the light so we recommend rotating it slightly each week to keep its form symmetrical.

Water: Let this Pilea almost dry out between watering. When watering - water deeply and then leave it alone. The stems will begin to wilt if the plant is over or under watered, so keep an eye on the soil.

Humidity: The Chinese Money Plant will do well in average household humidity. 

*ships in a nursery pot