Ficus elastica Ruby (Pink Rubber Plant)

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A great way to add some fun color to your space is with a Pink Rubber Plant! The big waxy leaves can grow 10-15 inches and the pink Variegation on the Ficus elastica Ruby can vary from plant to plant but will be most pronounced when you keep it in a bright location with indirect light. These plants are easier to care for than some of their sister plants (Fiddle Leaf Fig or Weeping Fig) but slightly more needy that a Burgundy Rubber Plant.

All in all this pretty and splashy colorful gem is a definite need if you're looking for a departure from a standard green foliage. 

LIGHT: While Ficus elastica can tolerate lower light, this Ruby needs some bright indirect light to keep its beautiful coloring. Don't allow it to get too much (or any) direct sun as it can burn the leaves. 

WATER: Water when the first 2 inches of soil are dried out or once a week or so. Avoid over-watering which will cause yellowing leaves and leaf drop.

HUMIDITY: The Rubber Plant is not to fussy about humidity, it will live just fine in average home humidity levels. misting the leaves occasionally will be appreciated. 

*The sap from a Rubber Plant is an irritant and is toxic to pets and children.

*ships in a nursery pot