Sansevieria Hahnii Starpower - Assorted

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Sansevieria Starpower Radiant Star Plants are the miniature snake plant positively perfect for gifting!! This pretty birds nest style Snake Plant will make a dedicated plant parent of anyone with its easy care nature and ability to adapt to a wide variety of growing conditions. It's a perfect choice for new plant owners. When viewed from above, the leaves form a star shape, so choose a coffee tables or other area that offer a top down look at this cute compact snake plant. With a variety of colors and textures there's one for everyone!

Light: Tolerant of varied levels of light, just keep it out of the direct sun and it will be happy!

Water: Drought tolerant, the Power Stars should be allowed to dry out between watering. Do Not Overwater. 

Humidity: No need to add extra humidity for Sansevieria.

sold and ships in a nursery pot *