Scindapsus pictus 'Argyreaus'

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This beauty is commonly referred to as a 'Silver Philodendron' and 'Satin Pothos' - however the truth is that it doesn’t belong to either of these cultivars. It was classified at one time as an Epipremnum (Pothos) and while it has been reclassified as a Scindapsus Pictus recently - the name 'Pothos' continues to be used by many.

No matter what you call it you should definitely have this beauty in your collection. With its deep green velvety leaves painted with silver flecks (the term 'pictus' translates to: 'painted') - it is most definitely a stunner. Equally pretty in a hanging basket or when allowed to climb as a vine as it does in nature.

Easy to grow, much like its Epipremnum (Pothos) cousin, a great plant for beginners or if you have minimal light available in your space.

 Light: Scindapsus pictus is tolerant of low light but if you notice your new leaves are coming in on the smaller side moving into a higher lit area will improve its growth.

 Water: Keep the soil moist, allowing the first 2” to dry out between watering. Water slowing and deeply with room temperature water until it begins to flow from the drainage holes.

 Humidity: native to the tropical rain forests of Asia, Scindapsus pictus will always appreciate some humidity in the air … 40% will do nicely.


NOTE: Considered to be mildly toxic to children and pets

Ships in a nursery pot