Senecio rowleyanus Variegated (Variegated String of Pearls) 4"

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String of Pearls are a unique looking Succulent with their tiny round leaves spilling over the edge of their pot or hanging basket. As the stems grow longer they can be left hanging or wrapped up in the soil to create a terrestrial mat as it would in the wild. Clip the stem to be easily used to propagate the plant. A vigorous grower in the right conditions this plant will keep on giving for about five years indoors without propagation. But they are so easy to grow you can take cuttings and keep it going indefinitely! This pretty little plant will also bless you with small white flowers in spring that have a beautiful cinnamon like fragrance. A lovely low maintenance plant to add to your space.

The variegation on these pearls adds a more unique color pattern than the green pearls that are more often seen. These rarer beauts are green with white striped coloring. 

Light: Give your Pearls plenty of light to keep them happy and growing. Direct morning light and/or bright indirect light during the day is best.

Water: SOP are drought resistant but cannot survive in soggy soil. Let it dry out slightly in between watering in spring and summer, reduce water in the winter months when the plant slows its growth. Flat looking pearls are a good indicator that your plant needs more water. 

Humidity: String of Pearls grow best in temps above 70 degrees F and prefer low humidity so avoid bathrooms and kitchens for this cutie. 

NOTE:  String of Pearls are considered toxic and should be kept away from your toddlers and furry friends. 

 * ships in a 4" nursery pot *