Playcerium bifurcation (Staghorn Fern)

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Staghorn ferns are stunning and while there are many varieties they are quite rare. This variety (Playerium bifurcation) originates in Australia and has made the Staghorn more accessible to indoor plant enthusiasts. 

Staghorns are epiphytes, naturally growing in the jungle on trees or other plants. much like an airplant they derive their water and nutrients from their fronds. Staghorns have two types of fronds, Antler fronds which are the long bifurcated ones resembling deer antlers, and Shield fronds which are the lower, harder small fronds protecting the root ball that often turn brown. DO NOT remove the shield fronds once they turn brown, this can damage or kill the plant. 

Because the nature of these plants is to grow on trees you'll often see them mounted on a board and hung on a wall. While younger plants are fine potted in soil, as the plants mature they should be mounted or planted in a basket with a coco coir or similar base.  

Light: Staghorns prefer bright and indirect light but can tolerate a small amount of sunlight if given enough water and humidity. 

Water: How much water your Staghorn needs will depend upon the amount of light, heat and humidity it gets. A good place to start is watering on a weekly schedule backing off in cooler months to once every 2-3 weeks. When your staghorn is mounted or in a hanging basket you can soak the root ball in the sink or run room temperature water over it until it is saturated. allow it to totally drain before returning it to its spot. Remember they also absorb water through their fronds so they respond well to misting and humid spaces.

Humidity: Staghorns love humidity, they thrive in warm, humid conditions. If your space is on the dry side (or event if it's not) defiantly consider a humidifier for this guy.