Ceropegia woodii (String of Spades)

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This dainty vine is referred to as a String of Spades. It gets its name from its small heart shaped leaves, which in this variety are slightly more pointed resembling a spade. They are fast growers in the right conditions and can grow to be several feet long. String of Hearts are a succulent that like bright light and not too much water. They are very easy going and are great for new plant parents or someone who doesn't have a lot of time to care for plants.   

Light: Bright indirect light will keep your string of hearts growing quickly and colors vibrant, growth rate will significantly slow if not given enough light. 

Water: Although the String of Hearts is a succulent, it likes to have more frequent watering than other succulents. Let your String of Hearts dry out between watering then water deep. If you notice the leaves swelling, this may be a sign of too much water. These can be susceptible to root rot so do not leave them in standing water. 

Humidity: Ceropegia woodii do not need any extra humidity. Normal indoor environment will keep them happy.  

* ships in a nursery pot depending on size purchased *