String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata)

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If you have limited space this pretty little houseplant is for you. Cute and compact the String of Turtles will reach maturity in 3-5 years. The leaf shape is what gives the plant its common name. Each one looks like the shell of a miniature turtle strung together. Every tiny leaf on its trailing vine has intricate multi-colored patterns.

This native Brazilian succulent will thrive in an average household climate and its care is that of a peperomia rather than a typical succulent.

Light: String of turtles plants love bright indirect sunlight and will thrive in these conditions. Keeping them in full sun for too long will damage the leaves. 

Water: While they like to have their soil kept moist,Peperomia prostrate are prone to being overwatered. Wait for the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry out before watering thoroughly and allowing to drain completely.

Humidity: Peperomia will enjoy a little extra humidity during the dry summer months and if you live in a very dry area a pebble tray or humidifier will be helpful.

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