Stromanthe Triostar (Stromanthe sanguinea) 6"

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A true showstopper! The Triostar is bursting with green and cream variegated leaves and bright magenta undersides. It is quite the 'showoff' and stands out in any plant crowd. The Stromanthe is from the same family as the Prayer Plant, so it's leaves too will 'reach' for the light and 'open and close' throughout the day. These plants can be a little bit on the high maintenance side, but we promise the extra attention this beauty requires is worth it!

Light: Bright indirect light will keep your Stromanthe Triostar the happiest. The more indirect sunlight it gets the more variegation you see in the leaves and the brighter the colors will be. Avoid direct sunlight as this may scorch leaves.

Water: Stromanthes like to be kept consistently moist. Only allow the top inch or so to dry between watering. You can slow down on watering during colder months. Avoid overwatering, your plant should never be sitting in water or have soggy soil. 

Humidity: Stromanthes love humidity. Unless you live in a very humid environment, we recommend adding moisture to your space. Some ways to do this is with a pebble tray, grouping your tropical plants together, or with a humidifier.

*ships in a 6" nursery pot*