Tradescantia Bubblegum / Lilac (Tradescantia Blossfeldiana cerinthoies varagata Bubblegum/Lilac) - 6"

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The prettiest plant you ever did see! This tricolored tradescantia will add a pop of green, lilac, and bubblegum pink to any space. These danty leaves are best displayed in a hanging basket in a bright sunny spot in your home. Tradescantia propagate very easily with just a stem cutting. Before you know it you will have little bubblegum pink plants all over your home.

Light: Tradecantia in general require a lot of bright indirect light, Tradescantia Bubblegum/Lilac more so to keep their beautiful colors vibrant. These are fast growing plants, but will slow down significantly if not given enough light. 

Water: Tradescantia are prone to root rot and do not like to be overwatered; that being said, they do not like to dry out completely either. This can get a little tricky but once you have the hang of it your plant will thrive! Water when the first couple inches of the top soil is dry. Do not allow your plant to sit in water, this may cause root rot. 

 Humidity: Tradescantia is not very picky when it comes to humidity. Unless you live in a very arid climate, it will thrive in your indoor space.