Tradescantia zebrina (Inch Plant)

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This pretty and colorful easy care plant is an eye catcher where ever it is. The interesting foliage striped green, white and grey has beautiful purple undersides that positively shimmer and shine in the light. Beautiful in a hanging basket or left to cascade off a shelf. You can take this Zebrina outdoors on a protected porch in spring until the weather turns cold. Prune back some of the lower leaves to encourage fuller growth. Perfect for a pop of color indoors or out.

Light: Your Zebrina will do best in filtered light but can tolerate some early morning sun.

Water: Tradescantia prefer moist but well drained soil. Water your plant when the first 50% of the soil feels dry. Water thoroughly and allow to fully drain.

Humidity: While Tradescantia don't require excessive humidity it would be very happy in a slightly humid kitchen or bathroom location. you can also mist it regularly to keep it happy or place it on a pebble tray or near a humidifier if your space is arid. 


* Tradescantia is considered mildly toxic to pets and humans, causing mouth and stomach irritation*

*  sold and ships in a nursery pot *