Peperomia argyeia (Peperomia Watermelon)

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This plant is so fun! With dark and light green striped leaves, it looks just like the rind of a watermelon. They produce large round leaves on thin stems and generally stay pretty compact. Great for a small space or grouped together with your other foliage. Peperomia add a great texture to your plant collection and will do just fine in lower light spaces making them a great addition to your home! 

Light: Peperomia will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. It will tolerate lower light spaces, but the growth rate will be reduced drastically. This plant does not tolerate direct sunlight well and leaves will become scotched if left in full sun for too long.

Water: The Frost needs watering when the first inch or two of the soil feels dry. Give this plant a good deep watering but avoid soggy or over saturated soil. Peperomia do not do well if watering is skipped too often, keep it consistent.

 Humidity: Although adding humidity to your space is not necessary for a Peperomia, they would sure be happier if you did.